Funcity, Come Play

Smiles guaranteed! Funcity, Come Play

Welcome to your favorite place for fun, with loads of games and tons of activities to choose from.
We turn 11 years old this year and we have been bringing a smile to your face since 1999. And the smiles have gotten bigger over time and we want to keep it that going!

Fun City is the perfect place for you and your family. From creative games to fun learning experiences, we have something for each child. Your smiles will go wider as you enjoy the luxury of wide, open spaces and the attentive staff at our facilities.

Whether you are looking to go out for a great day at the mall or to simply entertain the entire family, you will find your happiness at Fun City.
Fun City is your indoor playground.

Come, play at Fun City.
As one of the best-recognized family entertainment brands across the Middle East, India and China, Fun City enjoys an excellent reputation among its primary customer base which is families and children. The business ideology is based on putting a smile on everyone’s face.
We revel in the happiness of others. While doing so, we have ensured that the entertainment experiences that we provide are wholesome, allowing a scope to learn while having fun in a community-based environment. Fun City is a member of the Landmark Group, a retail giant that operates in 10 countries.

Fun City offer a variety of Birthday Party Packages, sponsors School Trips, and tangibly contributes to the society by way of propagating yoga and martial arts awareness. Fun City also helps a child develop his unique abilities by offering hobby classes in cooking, dance etc.

Head Office:
Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1
P.O Box: 25030
Tel: +971 4 809 4173

Fun City Oasis Centre