Traditional Arabian Houses

Another amazing experience a UAE visitor will enjoy is the traditional architectural Arabian buildings with its distinctive decorative features and simple yet artistic forms.

The Bastakia district for example, on the waterfront east of the Dubai Souk and Diwan, features a number of traditional wind-tower houses – precursors to air conditioning. From a distance, the towers appear to be beautiful lanterns with warm eastern sense which always connected me to the past while heading to the future through the impressive new modern architectures.

To restore and keep such beautiful traditional buildings, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage has started restoration of historic buildings in Al Ain with a view to preserve the past and the cultural heritage. The Jahili fort presents a wealthy traditional form of buildings which is considered as one of the most famous historical forts in the UAE, is located just outside the south-western corner of the garden that is near the Clock Tower Junction in the heart of Al Ain city. The Fort was built by essential traditional materials of mud-brick, stones, and palm-trees, was built for defense purposes and to guard precious palm groves. It was also used as a residence for the local governor.